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The most powerful information coming out of Iran has been images and videos. Many of them are graphic, and do not conform to the terms of service of YouTube, and many other public sites. This is understandable, as many parents want to shield their children from some of the realities of life.. many governments are run by brutal tyrants.

If you like the concept of this program, feel free to re-distribute the link among other social sites and re-tweet as much as you can.

Most of the video sites are blocked in Iran, the majority of the residents cannot view them. Currently sending images into Iran, such as in the InformIran project, can be dangerous for “the good guys” that may be pictured. if we send in links, they probably cannot view the linked site anyway!

Read the Comments! We have people with Great Ideas and Concepts!

Most public Video and Image sharing sites are blocked, but if you download, then re-upload those pics and videos to a new site or blog, and distribute that link via the InformIran project, they can be seen in Iran! Be careful about the pictures, though! We do not want to get anyone hurt in Iran!

The theory is to have a series of temporary photo/video blogs. The addresses are then distributed in Iran to educate the people of Iran, then if the site is blocked, move it.. and re-distribute the new address. Portable, temporary sites are hard to block, that is why the proxy servers are giving Iran so many problems now.

This would work much the same as a proxy server, except the target site moves, not the outbound Iran based link. This opens the viewer base up to those to whom a proxy server is as confusing as Farsi is to me.

These videos must not be lost. Scan YouTube, and other video sites, and download the videos and graphic images to save to your hard drive. You can then re-upload from time to time, or they are archived for future use, you never know what that video can do! Keep reading for what more you can do with these images!

Same thing on the images, save them for the future. Whether that future being the reminders of the actions of the religious leaders of Iran, or for future prosecution of the perpetrators under new leadership in Iran, pics can be priceless! You can also set up your own site or blog, see below..

The Government in Iran cannot block millions of people from saving these important images on their hard drives! They cannot control Thousands of people from creating and posting these images on new sites, ones that did not exist yesterday!  They cannot block thousands of previously unknown video and image sharing websites without shutting down the entire internet in Iran, and that kills businesses! This new mini web can let the people inside Iran see what is happening inside their country, without the interference of the censors!

This is about setting up a series of new, Iran related sites that cannot be easily tracked down and blocked. If the censors cannot find them, they cannot block them, and the images get through!

If you set up a site, and choose not to do the email blast into Iran, there are hundreds of people emailing into Iran daily, at the Informran Project. Get us the URL for your site, and the InformIran project will get the link into Iran via email!

A note on the Tor Project:

This is the manner in which our friends in Iran have been communicating out of the country. The concept of Tor, is basically a secure mini-internet inside the internet,  allowing access to otherwise blocked sites. Joining the project takes installation if a bit of software on your computer, allowing the Tor network to use part of your internet connection for communications out of secure countries, like Iran. joining the Tor project increases capacity of the network, and allows more information to flow in and out of Iran. If you set  your computer to stay out of hibernate mode, and leave it on,  and connected to the internet, you are helping our friends in Iran while you sleep. If you turn your computer off, or disconnect from the internet, the system automatically routs around your “node” or “relay”, allowing the system to work without your participation, just a bit slower. Most users will not notice the TOR connection’s use of bandwidth or computer resources on their systems. The Tor network needs our help and resources. Not money, just unused bandwidth and a bit of your computer.

A Tor Bridge is a connection that you supply to the Tor network, allowing someone in Iran to use your connection as the first link in the Tor chain. These are sent into Iran by specific means, by a few individuals, to a few individuals inside Iran. These are not published in a mass manner, this makes your connection worthless, as it can now be easily blocked or monitored by the bad guys in the Government. The need for bridges is constant, as protesters are captured, their internet history is searched, the old bridges are identified and blocked from Iranian access, they are worthless. If you set up a “bridge” there are ways to get the information to those that need it at the anonygreen site below.

There are sources for more information on the Tor project, and how you can help!  Start here:



What else can YOU DO?

Contact the United Nations!

Out the Basij Thugs!

Inform Iran!

Arrange, Promote, and Schedule a Rally for Iran


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